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With a Real Estate Presentation Specialist


A good main photo determines whether a potential buyer drops out or looks for further information.


We live in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following

360º Tours

360 ° tours give the potential buyer the time and space to walk and look around your home at their own pace.


Be ready to see things from a different perspective

Floor plan

We visualize your home in a digital floor plan. Structured and accurate.

Services from as little as 140€!

Drone Video & Photography

Drones allow us to picture the property from any angle and any height. It is the ideal manner to show the grandeur of a property or plot. Also, it can capture points that other techniques cannot such as proximity to something as well as the property surroundings and views.

In the Costa Del Sol market where a lot is centred around views and proximity to the beach, drone photography and videography is often the ideal outcome to pinpoint that in a beautiful manner.
Not only does it stand out, it is also extremely effective.

Our drone specialists are licensed drone pilots and very experienced in this field.

Turnaround times of less than 48 hours!


You can only make a first impression once and photos are typically the first thing buyers come in contact with when looking for a new property. A good main photo is often the decisive factor whether a potential buyer chooses to request more information or looks further. It is therefore very important that this main photo as well as the rest of the series are inviting, professional and present your property in the best possible manner. We at Seeeze understand that.

With a history in property sales we know the importance of making property come out in the best possible way as well as the major importance of having that “money shot” as the first picture.

You will be provided with a minimum of 25 edited photographs and the guarantee of obtaining at least one edited photograph of every room.

Trusted by more than 100 Estate Agents


Imagine looking for a property and seeing an ad with a great video. That immediately makes a good impression, right? An ad with a video stands out. Moving images also keep the attention of the potential buyer longer and are the ideal way to convey a feeling, atmosphere or a lifestyle.

Ads with videos are more recognized by Google. Therefore, the ranking of the page will be better and more potential clients will find your property.

Finally, in a world where social media is rapidly ensuring a more important role in marketing, video is key.
The videos are made not too long so they can be perfectly shared via various channels such as Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.
For that reason it is the perfect way to improve the professionalism and appeal of a property but also greatly improve its marketing possibilities.

Play Video
Play Video

We offer all multimedia services

360º Matterport virtual tours

With a 3D virtual tour, prospective leads can do their own walkthrough of your properties from anywhere, anytime, generating higher engagement and interest.

With Matterport you will receive an amazing 360 Tour + a 3D Dolhouse for free, which gives the client an extensive real life viewing experience.

Our prices are the most competitive


Wish to give your clients a full overview of the layout of your home? Our floor plans provide a 2D image of your home in a clear and accurate manner. This offers a potential buyer the opportunity to view the space from different perspectives, how spaces are connected and how this could be rearranged or refurbished.

It is a great tool for all that want to give a full overview of not just the size and sense of space but also how they are connected.

We do not need the factual blueprints of the property. Instead we have our own professional equipment that allows us to construct the floorplans.

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