Modern and fresh-looking website with a real estate presentation. Domain and hosting arranged. Seeeze the difference READ MORE

Seeeze the difference

Modern and fresh looking website with a real estate presentation. Domain and hosting arranged

The package includes

360° Tours

Real Estate Presentation is a one time investment that is pivotal in the way your property is regarded, typically in a very positive way. That is an investment which commonly has a great return and should not be taken lightly

€ 550,-

€ 625,-

€ 750,-

With this package we not only give you all the services. Moreover, you will be provided with a fully dedicated property website.

This website will function as a full presentation overview of the property and hence include the photos, video, drone, floorplan and 360 tour, all in a great modern design and fresh look.

It is a great service for real estate agents that would like to direct their clients and partners to a specific site to view all information.
For property owners this may come in very handy to show their property to family and friends or use it as a basis for property rental.

The domain will be selected by us and included is the first year of the website hosting.