A good main photo determines whether a potential buyer drops out or looks for further information. Photography READ MORE Home photography is the first thing potential buyers come into contact with when they are looking for a new home. Photography READ MORE A pictures says more than a thousand words. Make that picture count. Photography READ MORE Photography is more than just a skill or a talent; it is the passion for presenting reality in the best possible manner. Photography READ MORE


A good main photo determines if a potential buyer drops out of looks for further information

Make sure that the property is prepared for taking professional photos so we can ensure the best possible presentation of the house. See our styling tips for more details


€ 140,-


€ 160,-


€ 200,-


You can only make a first impression once and photos are typically the first thing buyers come in contact with when looking for a new property. A good main photo is often the decisive factor whether a potential buyer chooses to request more information or looks further. It is therefore very important that this main photo as well as the rest of the series are inviting, professional and present your property in the best possible manner. We at Seeeze understand that.

With a history in property sales we know the importance of making property come out in the best possible way as well as the major importance of having that “money shot” as the first picture.

You will be provided with a minimum of 25 edited photographs and the guarantee of obtaining at least one edited photograph of every room.

How does it work?

You can directly book your shoot here. It takes merely a few minutes and you can instantly determine the time and day. We guarantee that you can always book a slot with us in a maximum of 3 working days.

Upon completion of the photo shoot you will be sent the final edited versions within a maximum of 3 working days.

In the event that you would ever not be happy with the results you can of course contact us and we will do a revision of the editing of a photo without any surcharge.

Photography impression