For a faster sale Our Styling Tips READ MORE

Our Styling Tips

For a faster sale
The camera sees all. Therefore, good preparation and having the property and garden in optimal shape pays off for the final product.

Styling tips

To ensure that our photographers can present your home in an optimal manner, it is important that you tidy up your home in time and remove unnecessary items.
The camera sees all and having too many things in the property can make a space look cramped or messy. This will reflect in the attractiveness of your property in relation to the market.

Seeeze has made some specific pointers for you. Please see below. This way you can prepare your home as well as possible for the perfect presentation.

If you need us to help you with the preparation and send our cleaning crew, that is possible. Please communicate this clearly upon booking the shoot.


Take away for sale signs and any products that are lying around without a specific function.
In this sense, less is often more!
Also, if you have a pool, make sure it is clean.


Take away shoes, umbrellas, bags and any other items that are not attached or add value.

Living Room

Try to put away personal items and remotes. Also, make sure the tables are without lingering items and cleaned.


Make sure there are no dirty dishes or cloths around and the kitchen is cleaned. Also, take away post-its or magnets from the fridge.


Make the bed in the most orderly fashion that you can and ideally with neutral looking bedlinen.


Take away make up items and toothbrushes. Close the toilet seats and remove laundry baskets.