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About Seeeze

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Seeeze was founded in the start of 2021 by a combination of photographers, real estate owners and real estate professionals.
Its origin proved rather simple; with the market requiring more professionality and diversification it remained hard to find a real estate presentation party that was reliable, cost efficient and easy to plan. Having to deal with various parties and often overpaying proved time consuming and frustrating.

For that reason we set our goal very straight; be the number one real estate presentation company on the Costa Del Sol which is transparent, reliable in both quality and timing, easy to plan and most importantly; your one stop shop that provides all presentation services which are needed to get the most out of your property in this competitive environment.

Pioneering is what we do and what we love, now with offices spread over two continents. We have our head office in Marbella and a production team in India. This collaboration extends our way of working in many areas and allows you to get quality services for a fair price.

Everyone at Seeeze is an ambassador of our product. Becoming number 1 in the field of housing promotion is of course not something you do alone. Our photographers and editors are therefore full-time permanent employees and we work with the entire organization to continuously improve the customer experience.
Our partners benefit from this: by always working on improving quality, we can deliver quickly, we know how to keep the price fair and we have room to go the extra mile for our partners and customers.

Furthermore we pride ourselves in our mentality to get things done and doing so with a smile. Seizing the moment and seizing the day; that is Seeeze.

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