5 most frequently asked questions to our customer service

As we hold your satisfaction highly our customer service department is of course a vital element of our organisation.

Here an overview of the 5 most frequently asked questions regarding photography in Marbella:

  1. The weather forecast doesn’t look good. Do I need to postpone the shoot?
    We offer, without any additional charges, the option of adding blue skies to make it look like any day is a sunny day. Therefore, with properties that have no particular sea views or mountain views we can perfectly do the shoot as planned.
    If the views of the property are a substantial part of the beauty of the property we recommend postponing the shoot to another day. Please do this as soon as possible by contacting us.
  2. How much time does the photographer need on location?
    This is of course dependent upon the number of products chosen. However, when booking the shoot on the site you will be notified of the time frame.
    If preferred we can of course pick up the keys so you do not need to be present at the time of shoot.
  3. How many photos are delivered?
    We will always provide a minimum of 25 photos and ensure that there is at least one photo of every room in the property.
  4. How do I enter a revision?
    If you are not happy with the editing of a photo and require a revision, that is no problem. We would be happy to do so.
    Just send us an email with the number of the photo that needs revision and describe as precisely as possible in which way it would need changing.
  5. How long will it take for my products to be delivered?
    The delivery period differs per product. For a floor plan, photography, video or 360 we aim for a delivery time of 2 working days. The aim is 2 to 3 working days for an artist impression and measurement reports.